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Glow in the Dark Xtreme Stars

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A wonderful set of stars includes 40 stars in 4 different sizes.This set also comes with a Mini hand held Black Light.The Mini Black Light works great to charge your stars. You can sit in a dark room and use your black light to recharge the stars attached to your ceiling. The Cosmic Charger, mini black light puts the power in your hands. Now you can recharge your glow in the dark stars when the lights are out with an energy packed light burst that gives your glow a super charge. Watch and be amazed as your stars transform into glowing neon colors.All of these glow extremely Bright. Made of Hyper Bright material allowing them to glow for one hour and recharge in 30 seconds under light. Includes removable putty.

Category: Glow in the Dark

Type: Toys

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