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Star Finder

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All you need to do is match up the time on one wheel with the date on the other and an instant portrait of the entire sky is in your hands! What makes the Star Finder science educational toy so great for children and adults is the clarity of the constellations. Look closely and you will see that Sagittarius looks like an archer, Leo resembles a lion and so forth. As a result, the constellations finally make sense when seen in the sky!Perfect for ages 8 to adult, it's got more than 40 major constellations and 60 of the brightest stars. Also helps you find the major planet locations through the year 2020. Plus it comes with a primer on star gazing and there's a red night vision filter for your flashlight so you can see what you're doing and not lose your night vision! The full instructions are printed on the Star Finder itself, making it easy to use.

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