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You can even take and store photo's of your missions! Fun for the whole family!
 Make your own website and share the pictures of your space voyage!
Connect real-time to high-powered telescopes using a home computer with Internet access.
 This 8 1/2 x 11 activity book contains 14 celestial objects. Learn more about each object and then see each object in real-time, where you can take pictures, print out, and paste in your activity book.
You can also fill in important information about your journey like the distance from the earth, sky conditions, date, etc. ...Off the coast of Africa, high atop Mount Teide in the Canary Islands, there's a unique cluster of telescopes and CCD cameras.
What makes this setup special is Slooh ... a new remote-astronomy service for first-time observers of all ages and parents wanting to introduce their kids to the cosmos without buying, assembling, and learning to use telescopes.
SLOOH's observatory consists of two telescopes located at Europe's largest professional observatory, high on Mt. Tiede in the Carnary Islands.
The editors control one of the SLOOTH telescopes and SLOOH members around the world control the second telescope.
 You can even turn on the Live SkyGuide and hear renowned experts describe the mission target for you and fellow SLOOH members from around the planet!
Age: 6-12 years!
Includes 150 minutes of telescope time.

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