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Apollo Era Toys

10 Piece Space Rocket and Aircraft Collection set

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This set of Ten detailed rockets and aircraft portray the vehicles that launched and launch America into Space. X-15: 1959-1968 X-24A: 1969-1971 X-20 Dyna-Soar: 1965 X-38: 2004 Mercury Redstone: 1960-1961 Mercury Atlas: 1960-1963 Gemini Titan: 1964-1966 Apollo Saturn V: 1967-1975 Space Shuttle: 1981- Shuttle Enterprise Orbiter: 1977-Present Each of these replica toys are about 3-5 inches long and made fully of plastic. The Shuttle does separate from the main tank and the boosters also detach. A great history lesson on Space Exploration in one box.

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