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SpaceStationSim (PC)

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Space Station Sim puts the player in the middle of the action at NASA, controlling the International Space Station, making both long-term strategic decisions as well as short-term moment-to-moment mission critical decisions. This simulator provides entertaining game play based on management of resources, project planning, and research and development. It lets the player control individual Astronaut characters (Pilots, Mission Specialists, Scientists, and Engineers) each with their own unique abilities and personalities. It does so with a real-time simulation that cleverly incorporates the first non-tile based 3-D engine, and is based on a design intended to appeal to a wide range of ages and both sexes. Stealth Training encourages the player to enhance his/her skill through free discovery of the science and psychology of life in space. Mission Control andnbsp; Plan your ISS design and launch new modules Plan your component layout and launch new components Create and launch your crew of Astronauts Launch supply missions Review political conditions (flags) and manage agency relationships Learn about the ISS modules and components and receive your initial briefing Save or quit the game Station View Monitor Station Status Select individual modules and zoom into their Cut-Away view Observe crew on EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) Navigate around and view your creation from every angle!Cut-Away Station View Command your crew aboard the station to repair equipment and perform experiments Select internal components and experiments to monitor and adjust performance Track resources, keep your crew happy and healthy, and monitor system status Collect information for mission planning, as well as supply and re-supply missions Manage the relationships between astronauts Watch out for the Space Tourist! Keep your station functioning and in orbit or your crew will abandon ship!Computer System Requirements for Software: Not compatible with Windows 7. Minimum: Windows 2000 or XP 1 GHz processor 256 MB of RAM 32 MB 3D graphics card 500 MB of hard drive space DirectX-compatible sound card Recommended: Windows XP 2 GHz processor 512 MB of RAM 128 MB 3D graphics card 500 MB of hard drive space DirectX-compatible sound card. 

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