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In June of 2013, was purchased and relocated into a 35,000 square feet facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan from East Windsor, Connecticut. This move will allow SpaceToys to implement a state of the art inventory and shipping system to better assist our customers. SpaceToys has helped organizations around the world bring Space Exploration to their Friends, Family, Children, Company, Museum, Local Community, Educational Facilities and more. We work with warehouses in Arizona, California, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Vermont, Colorado, Texas, Portugal and now Connecticut to bring you the best in NASA related Space Toys for the Future Astronaut and Space Collecting Enthusiast. The new owners bring extensive business, logistical and manufacturing knowledge to blast SpaceToys to an "Out of this World" level. SpaceToys is also now a minority and veteran owned company. Please visit us often, we are committed to bring new, excited and unique space related items to those explorers and collectors. "What's Your Mission?"

Below are other projects SpaceToys inc. has done for companies around the world.

    Click any of the pictures below for a larger image. These images show how our space suits look and have been used. Contact Us for images of our high end Space Suits and more Authentic items.

    See our Full Scale Replica Pages to see the high end items we rent and sell.

    We have helped all of these people with their movies, commercials, science centers and more. How can we help you?

Moon For Sale
NASA uses our Spacesuits for training in the Lunar Habitat. Take a look at our Space Suits on the Science Channel show "Moon For Sale"
(Click the image below to view Quicktime)

Check out the Space Suits we did for this two part Doctor Who 2nd season episode
(Click the image below to view Quicktime)

Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Click the image below to see how we helped
EMHE help a needing family.

2006 MTV Video Music Awards
Jack Black wearing a specially
designed space suit we did for the
MTV Video Music Awards
(Click the image to view Quicktime)

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade
Note the astronauts in full space suits dancing.
Watch the movie at right for a closer view.
(Click the image below to view Quicktime)

Click Here
to see a Quicktime clip



Special Events

Aircraft Boneyards

Base Camp Moon
Our Spacesuits are being used by NASA for training in the Lunar Habitat. See our Space Suits on the Science Channel show "Base Camp Moon"
(Click the image below to view Quicktime)

Maxim Magazine
Click the image below to see the article
about our suits in Maxim's Issue 100

Propeler Water
Need a Space Suit for your Commercial?
(Click image to view Quicktime commercial)

2006 ESPN ESPY's
Check out Lance Armstrong with one of our
Space Suits at the 2006 ESPN ESPY awards.
(Click the image below to view Quicktime)

The David Letterman Show
After the Thanksgiving Day Parade,
David Letterman says "Astronaut".
(Click the image below to view Quicktime)

    Special Events, Costume Parties, Photo Op's, Science Centers, Museums and More. We have the Space Suit to meet your needs. Custom work is available. If you need it, we can build it for you.

See our Space Suit in this Common Ft., Lily Allen Music Video. Space Suit has opened a new franchise in Portugal. Caminho das Estrelas and SpaceToys Inc. have teamed up to bring the Space Toys line of products directly into the Portuguese, Spanish and European markets.
Caminho das Estrelas also offers flights on
Space Ship Two and Zero G.

This great movie will take you on the adventure of a lifetime that will change the world.

Check out the pictures from our recent Jet Propulsion Laboratories visit.

SkyScopes Space Toys is in the business of bringing you the best in high quality educational toys, museum quality replicas and educational space products.

Our goal is to promote Space Exploration. We often give demonstrations to schools and help sponsor other science-based community events.

The founder of SkyScopes, Greg Hancock, has always had a passion for space exploration. He has been collecting space exploration items for over 18 years.

During that time many of the items he wanted were difficult, if not impossible, to find. This is why he developed SkyScopes Space Toys.

SkyScopes Space Toys now offers over 2000 products. We sell and distribute Toys and Replicas to children, collectors and museums all over the world.

SkyScopes Space Toys has been in operation since 2000 and continues to grow.

Our product line changes on a regular basis as new products become available and old products are discontinued. There is always something new or in development.

Franchise opportunities available.

Clear Skies,